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Ron Paul is not Dennis Kucinich. Just wanted to make everyone aware of that though you wouldn’t know by the way the media and the other Republican candidates respond to him. Dennis Kucinich is Ron Paul’s alter-ego. You know the way “normal” people react when they hear Dennis Kucinich talk about his alien abduction? As Dr. Evil most eloquently put it: “Rrrrrrrrrrrright”. That’s the reaction Dr. Paul gets in every debate from the other candidates and even the moderators. It’s as though he were talking about dissolving the Union and wearing a tin foil hat to protect the evil thoughts of liberals from invading his mind. He was even left out of the New Hampshire round table discussion altogether… and he beat Fred Thompson there and almost been Rudy Giuliani. So why does he get so much disdain from mainstream Republicans?

Is abiding by the Constitution such a radical idea that Republicans show the same distain for that position as they do for support of Hillary-care? Is it more important for the Republicans to “stick together” on the Iraq war that every time Ron Paul correctly states that we can no longer afford the Iraq war he gets blasted as though he took a shot at John McCain’s nonagenarian mother?

It’s obvious that the Constitution has become such an after-thought in American politics that a constitutionalist Republican is considered a “fringe” candidate. Watching the Fox News focus group questions, Frank Luntz actually asked the focus group if it was the correct decision to include Ron Paul. Did I miss something or does he not have more delegates currently than Rudy Giuliani? Why didn’t Luntz ask if it was right to include Rudy in the debate?

Let’s look at some of Ron Paul’s positions and find out where he’s gone wrong:

  1. The government is too big and should get out of social policy and protect American’s freedoms
  2. The government interferes too much in economic policy when the free markets should be allowed to work
  3. The Constitution only allows for war by declaration from Congress, thus we should not be in Iraq without a declaration
  4. The government’s fiscal policy is causing the devaluation of the dollar and a slumping economy spiraling toward recession
  5. The United States should not be interfering in the Middle East as far as providing aid to Israel as well as other Arab nations because Israel is a “big boy” and can defend itself. The constitution does not provide for sending money from the public Treasury to foreign governments.
  6. The United States should not have troops occupying other countries without a declaration of war from Congress and should be protecting our borders.
  7. The government should not provide incentives for illegal aliens by allowing access to health care, jobs and amnesty.

It seems to me those are rather conservative points of view. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can claim that they are the candidates of “change”. Ron Paul is the only candidate in 20 years in Congress who never voted in favor a spending bill. Wouldn’t that be a CHANGE?