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With the “suspension” of the Romney campaign, there are only 3 Republican candidates left in the race. The only true Conservative left is Ron Paul and he mathematically cannot win the nomination unless there is a brokered convention, even if he were to win the rest of the primaries there simply aren’t enough delegates for him to win outright. McCain is a moderate conservative and will not garner the support from the base to actually win, unless he faces off with Hillary Clinton, which is looking less and less likely. Mike Huckabee has been painted by most (including me) as a fiscally liberal, social conservative Republican, but his debate skills and positive message provide the best for a GOP victory in November.

I have been critical of Gov. Huckabee for his spending habits, but on the whole, I actually like Mike Huckabee. He is actually a pretty good candidate for the GOP. McCain is a disaster waiting to happen. His candidacy was on life support until Giuliani and Thompson failed so miserably. There was a reason McCain’s candidacy was on life support… he has been acting like a Democrat for the past 4 to 8 years. That normally doesn’t go over too well for a Republican. But now McCain is the “presumptive” Republican nominee. Isn’t there a reason why presuming is not a good idea?

Since Romney dropped out and McCain became the “presumptive” nominee, he lost 2 of 3 primaries over the weekend and almost lost in a clean sweep in a state where he should have won by a landslide. McCain has some real problems, not only on the GOP side, but in the general election. The Democrat nominee, which I am calling now will be Barack Obama, will destroy McCain in a debate. The reason is because McCain will be debating on Democrat issues, like how much money to spend on global warming and alternative fuel creation, on the economy, which he has no clue about, and on immigration, which he agrees with them on. Barack Obama will look like JFK while John McCain looks like George Burns.

Huckabee has continued on his campaign despite a lack of funds and dearth of publicity and has challenged McCain for the nomination in states that he’s not supposed to be challenging in. Huckabee is becoming the alternative to John McCain, which for Republicans, is a pretty good position. Had either Romney or Huckabee dropped out prior to Super Tuesday, you probably would have seen a greater possibility of a nominee other than McCain.

Despite starting from behind, I think Huckabee does have a chance to come out ahead. He effectively cannot win the nomination outright, but he could garner enough delegates so as to keep McCain from getting the necessary 1,191 require to win the nomination. If that were the case, the convention would be a “brokered” convention and then the delegates of opponents of the front runner could vote for rival to clinch the nomination. Thus, if McCain does not gain the required 1,191, and Huckabee is close, Romney could instruct his delegates to vote for Huckabee to prevent McCain from getting the nomination.

Huckabee, in contrast to McCain, is an excellent debater and could hold his water against Obama and would trounce Shrillary. The left would try to pigeon-hole him into a corner on issues surrounding his faith and Huckabee would wittingly defend his positions and make the left and the media appear to be attacking him. That would rally the base to his defense and bolster his stance, increasing voter turnout in the general election. His support for the Fair Tax would gain support in contrast to the tax and spend habits of the Democrats. Huckabee is much more of a difficult win for the Democrats in November than is McCain.