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I don’t think there is any doubt anymore that the guy who is widely considered one of the greatest pitchers of all-time was involved in performance enhancing drugs. Despite his vehement denials and assertions that everyone is lying but him, the facts just don’t support his case. Roger Clemens played in an age of performance enhancing drugs, against players who used performance enhancing drugs, and dominated those same players for much of his career but there’s no possible way that he could ever be accused of taking performance enhancing drugs? Come on… are we that naïve?

I don’t really think much of Brian McNamee. He’s pretty much a low-life. As we learned yesterday, he’s pretty much lied his whole life to get and stay where he’s been. I find it ironic that the guy testifying about steroid use to Congress is the guy who put the needle in the arms of the guys on trial. It’s like having the guy who gave Martha Stewart the stock tip testifying in Martha Stewart’s insider trading trial. And yet the guy who probably is the least credible offered the most credible testimony of all: That Roger Clemens used HGH and possibly other steroids.

Frankly though, I couldn’t care less. So Clemens has lied to the public regarding his use of a drug that wasn’t even against the rules when he used it back in 2000. Major League Baseball didn’t have a steroid policy until 2003 and mainly because of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. So why is Congress putting their nose into a matter that wasn’t even against the rules? To score political points and to appear to be cracking down on drug use “for the children”.

Personally, I don’t care if Roger Clemens injected himself with donkey urine (not that he did inject himself with donkey urine… just to clarify) to pass drug tests that had no possibility of penalizing him for failing. I believe there simply are bigger issues for the United States Congress to be concerned about than whether Roger Clemens lied about his drug use. I don’t see them brow beating Lindsey Lohan for her famous drug use because she sets a bad example “for the children”.

So what has Congress uncovered? Roger Clemens probably did use HGH during 2000 and he’s not going to admit it. Brian McNamee is a scumbag and a really bad “trainer” who apparently has no problem breaking the law and ruining players careers and reputations by injecting them with performance enhancing drugs and then tattling on them to Congress.

So what is the net result of all of this inquiry? Roger Clemens could now stand trial for perjury if he’s found to have lied to Congress (it’s just not a good decision). Other than that, MLB has already agreed to a steroid testing policy with the players union and the penalties are rather substantial. I don’t think Congress is going to advocate for a change in the drug testing policy. So what’s the point?

Congress should be working on more important things like finding wasteful government programs to cut spending and keep our country from going bankrupt. They should be working on shoring up (and by shoring up I mean eliminating) Social Security and Medicaid to keep them solvent. Congress should not be holding hearings to determine who cheated in baseball when it wasn’t against the rules so that they can score political points by appearing to be “cleaning up the sport”.