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Don’t look now but someone is actually standing up for the Constitution. Well, at least some of them. Today 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices affirmed that the 2nd Amendment protects the God-given right of civilian citizens to protect themselves and their family. Sadly, only 55% of our nations “finest” legal minds interpreted the Constitution accurately (though I guess that’s better than 45%).

While I am thrilled with the court’s decision to allow law abiding individuals to protect themselves from criminals, I also know that the Socialist Party… er… I mean Democrat Party will never stop fighting for the rights of the federal government to impose its will on the individual. In a statement after the ruling our favorite House Majority Leader, Nancy “Mimi” Pelosi, declared “I think it still allows the District of Columbia to come forward with a law that’s less pervasive. I think the court left a lot of room to run in terms of concealed weapons and guns near schools.” Let me interpret for you…”I think we can still pass laws that will circumvent the original intent of the Constitution so that we can continue to impose on the individual liberties of law abiding citizens.”

It’s amazing… not minutes after the landmark decision Mimi Pelosi is already trying to figure out ways to get around it.

If state or local governments, however, attempted to regulate laws on gay marriage or abortion despite the Constitutions deadly silence on such issues, Pelosi would be going nuts… along with the ACLU and other such liberal bastions of socialistic thought.

The Constitution does not give individuals the right to bear arms, contrary to popular belief, and neither does the government. The Constitution protects that God-given right from infringement by the Imperial Federal Government. And yet, the DemoSocialists continue to try and suppress (one of their favorite words) these liberties in favor of the Government’s rights.

It’s just a shame that we had to have lawyers interpret what is so painfully obvious to anyone with a 3rd grade education.

Some people will take every opportunity to seize power from the individual and give it to the state. God help us.