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As you all know, gas prices have adjusted well over 150% in the past year to new record levels almost daily. While this certainly puts a hurting on families and strain on the economy, could higher gas prices be just what we need?

Had Barack Obama gotten what he wanted, a slow climb of crude oil to record prices over several years, he would have been able to write off the increase as greed on the part of the oil companies and executives to the masses of the ignorant who will vote for him (who knows, he still may be able to do that… with the help of the media). But now that gas prices have soared in a short period of time a light has been shed on the problem, We the People are starting to push back.

A recent poll said that 74% of voters support drilling off-shore in US coastal waterways. Americans are tired of high gas prices and they are starting to figure out that oil executives aren’t the culprits. The US Congress is the culprit for several reasons. So how could Congress take action to alleviate the problem they created?

First, immediately pass legislation to allow US oil companies to drill on federally owned lands in ANWR, the Rocky Mountains, and off-shore in US Coastal Waterways. This would inject millions of barrels of oil into the supply within 3 years by most knowledgeable estimates, alleviating the price increases caused by increased world-wide demand.

Second, immediately pass legislation to allow new oil refineries to be built near the new drilling locations on federal lands so that consumers don’t have to wait for expensive and time consuming pipelines to be built from existing refineries to the new drilling locations. This will effectively put the new oil drilling initiatives on steroids and allow the new oil to get to market as quickly as possible. It’s been over 30 years since we’ve built an oil refinery in the US… it’s time.

Third, immediately pass legislation to allow new nuclear energy facilities to be built in the US. This would allow us to catch up and possibly avoid a severe energy crisis that will hit us if we don’t start now. Unless we start using nuclear power more prominently in the US you will think that gas prices are cheap compared to the price of heating and cooling your home in a few years.

Finally, immediately eliminate the gas tax which currently makes more money per gallon of gas for the federal imperial government than any oil company. I’m always in favor of lower taxes, but this one is just too easy.

Although the socialists, Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy “Mimi” Pelosi and others, will tell you that we “can’t drill our way out” of this energy crisis, we certainly can’t keep doing what we’re doing. Alternative energy sources are years away from any realistic products to reduce our dependence on oil. And even if they weren’t, the government should still allow the market to solve the problem.

We (the American people and companies) should be exploring ways to use alternative energy, but the fact remains that we’re still years away from a solution. If we continue to wait for these alternatives, our economy will collapse in the mean time. Alternative fuels will only become viable when they are as cost effective as all the other sources of fuel… that’s why they’re called “alternative”.

Now that gas prices are higher than ever, maybe that time is getting closer. But the market, not an arbitrary government decision, will determine when the alternatives become the standard. I hope high gas prices will finally wake up the American people to take interest in what Congress has been doing for the last 30 years and put pressure on them to get out of the way of progress.