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Coming to a mall near you… Planned Parenthood’s “Express” clinics! Go get a latte, buy some new clothes, and get a herpes test all in one stop. How great is that!

Albert Mohler writes, “Planned Parenthood is setting up new offices known as “Express” which will offer services just short of abortions in upscale suburban settings such as shopping malls.”

How disgusting is it that these parasites are continually trying, and succeeding, to denigrate the value of human life and, in this case, make it easier for irresponsible sexual activity. God forbid we as a society actually take responsibility for making foolish choices and STOP HAVING SEX if we don’t want to get pregnant or get an STD. We’d rather have our cake and eat it too. Maybe if there were a little more shame involved in getting an STD (like it used to be) maybe there wouldn’t be such a need for “express clinics”.

Shame isn’t a bad thing. While I believe that people should be free to make stupid decisions that doesn’t mean they should be free from the consequences of making those decisions. Shame is one of those things that helps people make responsible decisions. If every time you make a stupid decision there’s an easy way out, what is the impetus to make good decisions?

Planned Parenthood is part of a culture of death that our society has accepted. It won’t be long until that culture comes to a neighborhood near you.