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El Audacia del Espanol

El Audacia del Espanol

As you can see from my previous posts, I’m not a huge fan of Barack Obama.  While he’s a celebrity to those on the left, he’s a socialist to most knowledgable Americans.  Well, today he said something that we’ve all been expecting:  Americans should start learning Spanish.

A reasonably intelligent person can understand that a common language is necessary to a successful society and a prosperous existence.  Without it, we’d be back at the Tower of Babel and human endeavor would be relatively impossible.  Millions of immigrants throughout the years have understood that assimilation was the key to success and that learning the native language is the first step toward assimilation.

As a melting pot, the United States literally is the home of people from hundreds of countries, languages and dialects.  It would be impossible for each nationality to try to learn every other nationality… it would also be futile.  A logical approach would be for the most common language to be learned by everyone and adopted as the “native language”… that being English.  In fact, millions of people in other countries learn English so that they can participate in our culture and communicate in business.  Not in the Barack Obama Utopia.

Because he has campaigned openly against an immigration policy that enforces our laws by denying entrance, acceptance and support to those who are here illegally, he has now said that we, the offended party, should learn to speak Spanish.  This man cares more about offending those who are here illegally or who have refused to assimilate into our society, to which they came freely, than he does those who were born and raised here and on whose backs this country was built.  There is such a thing as national pride… should we also start learning the words to the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish?

I have a pretty strong feeling that this sentiment is not going to be taken very well by the every day American or by the immigrant who studied and struggled to learn English to become American.  The pride an immigrant feels in becoming an American is not just about the economic, religious or social freedom this country offers, but about joining a nation that welcomes people from around the world and offers them a chance to do the impossible.  “Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Be Free” was an inspiration to immigrants yearning to become part of something they could not in their homeland.  Unfortunately today many Spanish speaking immigrants want to enjoy all the freedoms that America provides while huddling together to maintain a sub-culture of the country they willingly left behind.

I do not begrudge anyone for wanting a better life for themselves or their families.  Nor do I take umbrage with the idea of learning Spanish, as I did in high school.  However, I do begrudge those who want to have their cake and eat it too.  Many Americans gave up convenience to be a part of this great “melting pot” from a multitude of backgrounds.  One of the things that makes America great is that we are a diverse people, from different cultures, backgrounds and religions, bound together in the name of liberty standing as one people.  Barack Obama wants to faction these United States into the United States of Latino-America.  Not without a fight!