You may have noticed that the title of my blog changed from Some Guy Named Tim to The Revolution.  Don’t be alarmed by the statement about “Radical Political” change, I’m not advocating a military revolution (although some days…).  I am totally in favor of a radical ideological Revolution against the current political climate back towards the founders Constitution.

Those of you who read my blog regularly… both of you… already know that I am a Libertarian.  I consider myself Libertarian because I believe in the principle of limited government just like the founders did and I believe that the two Parties do not.  Democialists believe that government is the source of all good in this world and that the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document.  Republicrats talk about limited government but as the present administration has proven, when given the option, they couldn’t find a spending bill they didn’t like.

The new title really is a shift in philosophy.  I started this blog just to get thoughts off my chest and maybe to bring over a few from the dark side or even just get people thinking.  But I believe that unless we have a real Revolution of ideas and drastically change our current course, we will not be the “City on a Hill” that Reagan believed we were.

From now on I will be posting Revolutionary ideas and how they affect us now.  Revolutionary because they were the bedrock of the Revolution that founded a nation.  Revolutionary because they stand on, and in defense of, freedom in opposition to tyranny and oppression.