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If you haven’t had your head in the sand or glued to the tube watching the Olympics you are probably aware of the Georgia-Russia conflict that occurred over the last week.  I was listening to the news on XM Radio and WLW asked the question, what should America do with the Georgia-Russia conflict?

President Bush, John McCain, Barack Obama and everyone else in public light is talking tough to Russia.  President Bush said that it was unacceptable for Russia to invade a sovereign nation.  John McCain also said this.  Just about every political pundit is saying it.

Do we all have amnesia?  We have invaded a sovereign nation in just about every decade since the 50’s.  We invaded Korea, Vietnam, Guam, Iraq, Afghanistan and we have been talking about Iran and now Georgia/Russia.  Do we really believe we are the world’s police?

The Founding Fathers warned about waging war.  Thomas Jefferson said, “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto”.  Waging wars in which we have not been attacked makes us less secure.

We have no business interfering with Georgia’s business and we certainly have no right to go to bat for them.  We certainly should provide moral support and fight, diplomatically, for any democracy under attack.  But not only can we not invade yet another country but we have a moral obligation not to.  Anything more would be shot in the gut to the Founding Fathers.