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The Democrat Ticket?

The Democrat Ticket?

This week we are awaiting the anointing of the next potential Vice President of the United States.  Obama seems poised to tag someone either today or tomorrow to dominate the inevitable media flurry over the weekend.  However, Obama faces a real dilemma in making his choice.

In the Democrat primaries, Obama ran on a campaign of “Change”… and he still is.  His definition of “Change” was getting rid of the “old” politics to a politics that shuns special interests and “broken” ideological philosophies.  He was going to usher in the new age of politics, where both parties come together.

His primary attack on John McCain is that he was part of the problem in Washington and that he failed to enact “change”.  While I agree that John McCain is part of the problem, frankly, during his time in Washington Obama was as well.  In fact, he really hasn’t done anything of note in Washington, good or bad.

But with the mainstream media fixated on his veep choice, he is in for a real problem.  Most polls show that McCain wins the “experience” factor with voters and they say he is better equipped to deal with the Russia situation.  In a new Zogby poll today, McCain leads Obama by 5 points.  Quite a comeback in only a matter of weeks from when he was training by 7 points or more.  One can only assume that the Russia incident has bolstered his candidacy.

So if Obama chooses between Governor Tim Kaine from Virginia or Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana he sticks with his message of “change”.  Both Kaine and Bayh are young, energetic but Bayh represents a philosophical difference with Obama on the Iraq war, which Bayh supported feverishly.  Neither Kaine nor Bayh help Obama on the “experience” factor that appears to be pushing the election toward McCain.

If Obama decides that he can’t beat McCain without improving his “experience” factor then he most certainly will say and do anything to get elected.  Adding Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton to the ticket would be a direct contradiction to the argument he made for “change”.  Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have long political tentacles and very partisan rhetoric and records.  If Obama is going to change the way Washington works, how can he do it with Washington on his ticket?

Maybe all the reports are wrong and Obama will choose someone else.  Probably for the best.  If the shortlist is as suspected, Obama must choose whether he really believes in “Change” or if it’s all about winning.  Either way, it will show the current political system for what it is… a farce.