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Apparently with all the campaigning, Barack Obama hasn’t been able to read the news.  On a night where Obama attacked John McCain for his support of the “failed economic policies of the Bush Administration” the Washington Post reported that the economy grew faster than expected this quarter.

U.S. economic growth accelerated from April to June as taxpayers spent their federal rebate checks and a weakened dollar boosted exports, the government reported yesterday.

According to new data from the Commerce Department, gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 3.3 percent in the second quarter of the year, the fastest rate since mid-2007. The department had initially estimated annualized growth for the period to be 1.9 percent, but more complete data — particularly on exports by U.S. companies — showed the economy to be growing faster.

I’m not saying that all is well with this economy, one in which the government continues to inflate the supply of money and borrow money to pay for a war and too many social programs.  But apparently we don’t live in Zimbabwe like the Democrats are trying to convince us with examples of people without health insurance, jobs or food.  There are worse things than life without health insurance… like life with government health insurance and a 2 year wait for health care.  Just ask the British.