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I believe we are in serious trouble.  Because of the failures and subsequent bailouts of several large banks? No.  Because there is a lot of fear going around.  Fear that the economy is collapsing.  Fear that millions of businesses will close their doors putting millions out of work.  Fear that Islamic terrorist are still bent on destroying us.  Fear that we are ruining the Earth because of fossil fuel emissions.  Fear that we will run out of energy.  And most importantly, fear that our government isn’t doing anything about it (frankly, I’m more afraid of them trying to do something… but I digress).

You’d think, reading the newspaper, watching the news and listening to the presidential candidates that everyone was being laid off from work.  You’d think there were bread lines everywhere and that people couldn’t afford food for their families.  You’d think that the oceans were engulfing the US and the planet was melting.  Fortunately, none of those things are happening.

Has anyone you know been turned down for a home loan who isn’t completely broke?  Have you lost your job in the last month?  Have you had to choose between buying food and keeping the lights on?  Probably not.  In fact, if we are in such a financial crisis why did Beverly Hill Chihuaha, quite possibly the dumbest premise for a movie to hit the bigscreen since Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, gross $30 million dollars on its opening weekend.  Apparently someone still has money out there.

Here’s where I’m going… we are being fed a bill of goods to scare us into going along with all the bad decisions being made in Washington.  Congress has a vested interest in scaring us.  How many of you, when you’re not worried about losing your house, job, or retirement, would allow Congress to get away with a trillion dollar spending spree?

Remember how you felt after 9/11?  We were scared and indignant.  Every single American was behind President Bush and wanted to get those responsible, no matter the cost.  A year and half later, enough politicians were still afraid enough to authorize President Bush to invade Iraq, even though politically they were on opposite side of the aisle.  It was fear of a nuclear Iraq and a suitcase nuke that made that decision, not Democrat good-will toward the president.  How many of those same Democrats are kicking themselves for the decision they made in 2003?

Fear makes us all do things we shouldn’t do.  It causes us to make bad decisions.  We are being prepared to go along with some really bad ideas because we are afraid.  Should we be afraid?  I don’t know.  Should we be upset and indignant?  You betcha.  And who’s responsible?  Banks?  Wall Street?  Home owners?  No, Congress is.  Congress is trying to scare us into allowing them to make terrible decisions because of a “crisis” all the while hoping you forget that the same people promising to take care of you are the ones who caused the “crisis” in the first place.

I’m sure there are some very good people in Congress… ok, at least 1 or 2.  But on the whole, their purpose for each vote they pass is nothing more than an audition for the same job every 2 or 6 years.  They have a vested interest in obfuscating the reasons for and implications of their votes:  they want to keep their jobs.  If Congress were a company they’d be… well, Fannie Mae… poorly run and a drain on the economy.  (Imagine that)

Despite what McCain and Obama, Biden and Palin, Larry King or Hank Paulson say, get the facts before you start buying into all the Chicken Little rhetoric.  Fear will cause you get make poor decisions.  Are we going to have some economic problems?  Probably.  Should we let Congress spend trillions of our dollars trying to fix their own problem all the while trying to claim credit for trying to “solve the problem”?  Certainly not.  Congress created this mess, hold THEIR feet to the fire to clean it up by getting out of the way, without more of our money.

If the sky IS falling, then we would be much better off with Congress hiding under the desk than passing legislation.  Every time our government tries to solve an economic problem, they create a bigger problem.  And if you think Congress has YOUR best interest at heart, then we’ve probably got bigger problems coming down the road.