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Free Government Money?

Free Government Money?

For any of my reader(s) who try to read my blog regularly, I apologize for being away for so long.  I’ve had little inspiration in light of our current political scene.  However, I can be silent no more.  We have ushered in the the beginning of the end of the transformation from free-market economy to statist economy.

With the provisions included in the new 2009 Obama Economic Stimulus Package the transformation that began under FDR and continued under LBJ has come to fruition.  This is everything that liberals have ever wanted.  With the largest government spending package ever, the government is attempting to resolve all of our financial woes and become the glue that keeps it together.

We’ve heard countless politicians say, “We need to act now”.  I ask “Why?”

We’ve heard politicans say “this is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression” and yet when I went to the movie theatre last weekend there was a line of people standing outside to get tickets.  If things are so bad, why are people still going to the movies?  I’m not trying to downplay the difficulty some are going through, yet obviously this recession  isn’t as widespread as Congress and the media are making it out to be.

More on point:  After reading thru the measures of this bill (highlights of the bill only as no one, not even Congress, has actually read thru this entire bill prior to passing it, because they “had to act”) it provides tax incentives for those who don’t currently pay taxes, money for schools, and aid for state budgets among other things.  This bill was nothing more than a way to make the masses more dependent than ever on government.

The idea that ACTION was so necessary that Congress couldn’t even take the time to READ the entire proposed bill before pushing it thru is ridiculous.  Very few of the provisions in this bill will even be enacted this year.  I find it contemptuous that members of Congress think we are naive enough not to understand that this is a pork project thru and thru.

This same idea of ACTION for the sake of appearance is akin to our involvement in Vietnam.  We could not stand idly by and watch Communist North Vietnam invade South Vietnam so we took action and lost thousands upon thousands of good men in the process.  And in the end, when we withdrew from South Vietnam, the result was the same as if we’d never involved ourselves in the first place.

Sometimes ACTION isn’t what’s needed.  Sometimes patience and perseverence are what’s required.