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Disclaimer:  This blog entry contains information that some may find offensive.  Parental discretion is advised.

Apparently a woman has decided that she’s going to teleport herself in time back to the 40’s or 50’s and put up a sign on her rental property that says, “white’s only”.

NIAGARA FALLS—Two days after a man was sentenced to probation and community service for putting up a sign as a “joke” in a public works garage that said “whites only” on a drinking fountain, city police were called to a home in the 600 block of 25th Street on Sunday to investigate another racially charged sign.

This one was clearly no joke.

No charges were filed Sunday, but police told the woman she must take down the handwritten sign on a fence on her property saying, “I rent three bedrooms [at her address to] white people Niagara Falls.”

The 53-year-old woman told police she put up the sign after someone tried to break into her house and added, “I can do what I want. I live in America,” according to a police report.

Police said they received complaints and she must take the sign down. An officer at the scene said the woman agreed to take down the sign under protest. The officer said the woman already had seven more signs she was planning to hang up.

Now, I find this woman to be very unintelligent, rude and down right wrong.  However, I take issue with the idea that we as Americans are not allowed to be racist.  The idea that a white person should limit the use of her rental property to an ever dwindling portion of the population is not a wise business decision.  Furthermore her lack of understanding of the feelings of black Americans is appalling.   Personally, I find this woman disgusting on many levels.

That being said, I find it more offensive that the government gets to make decisions about how she manages her rental property.  If she ran a modeling agency she’d be able to discriminate with her hiring decisions.  Just because a certain segment of the population doesn’t like the decision she makes about who she will and will not rent to doesn’t mean they have the right to make that decision for her.

In reality, this is similar to the woman who hung a sign out a Halloween that said no Obama supporters would get candy.  Petty?  Sure.  Stupid?  You bet.  Illegal?  No.  The same principle applies.  That woman had a product (candy) and a criteria for how she would distribute it (no Obama supporters) and there nothing wrong with that.  If you don’t like a persons selection criteria, would you really want her product either?  The process is the same for this moron who only wants to rent to white people.  She has a product (rental property) and a selection criteria (whites only)… if the situation were reversed do you think there would be a public outcry?

Please, do not take what I’m saying to be a racist comment.  I am not a racist and do not condone racism.  However, racism is a problem that can’t be cured with rules, regulations and prison.  Some people will be racist til the day they die and not you, me or President Obama will ever change that.  Property rights guarantee certain priviledges.  And I believe that the priviledge to make decisions, even really bad ones, about who, when, how and why you use your property (along as you don’t harm anyone else) is yours and yours alone.